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Vladimir S. Kolotushkin
Vladimir S. Kolotushkin

1952 born in the town of Chapaevsk, Kuibyshevsky region.

Graduated from Kuibyshev Polytechnic Institute with a degree in “Industrial, municipal and agricultural power supply”.

1974 launched a career in Shadrinsk Plant of Automobile Units. Rose through the ranks at Power Department.

1987 appointed as Chief Engineer and subsequently Technical Director of Shadrinsk Plant of Automobile Units.

1997 appointed as General Director at Shadrinsk Plant of Automobile Units.

2002 appointed as Director at one more plant of UMMC machine-building complex – “Orenburgsky Radiator” LLC.

2009 – present Director of JSC “Uralelektromed”.


The Order of Friendship (2000), the Order of Honour (2014), the Russian Federation Presidential Certificate of Honour (2017), corporate awards of UMMC and JSC “Uralelektromed”.


“Honored Machine-building Engineer” (2002), “Distinguished Machine-building Engineer of the Russian Federation” (2007), “Honored Metallurgist” (2012).  Listed twice among Russia’s Top 1000 Professional Managers.