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Environmental protection is one of the priorities of the JSC “Uralelektromed”.

Environmental activity comprises introduction of new environmentally friendly and resource-saving technologies, installation of modern purification devices and facilities. A considerable amount of environment oriented work allowed to reach the standards of maximum permissible emissions and effluents in 2007.

The costs of environmental protection activities of JSC “Uralelektromed” have amounted to 590 million rubles for the last 3 years. The operational costs of environmental protection (the cost of maintaining dust/gas and water treatment facilities, water recycling systems, etc.) amount to 1 billion rubles.

Today, the key objective in the field of environmental protection is to retain ecological indexes at the level of the achieved permissible standards for emissions, discharges and waste disposal to be realized through:

- maintaining efficient operation of water treatment and gas cleaning equipment at the  design rates by acquiring new filter fabrics for bag filters, improving cleaning systems, etc.;

- monitoring of environmental objects and acquisition of modern equipment for eco-analytical control;

- improvement of the environmental management system with annual review and proof of its operations performance.