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"Sibkabel" patented new design oil-submersible cable



Novyy_neftepogruzhnoy_kabel2.jpgJSC "Sibkabel" (enterprise of "Cable Alliance Holding" Corp., uniting cable assets of UMMC) has developed a new cable, designed for oil-submersible electric pumps. This was a joint project with two research institutes of the cable industry that are located in Moscow and Tomsk (the Siberian region, 3 thousand km from Moscow). "Cable Alliance Holding" already producing heat resistant cables for oil-submersible electric pumps with strands with a rubber isolation in a lead shell in the cities of Vladimir (200 km from Moscow) and Ekaterinburg (Ural region, 1.5 thousand km from Moscow). This cable is able to operate in oil wells at deep depth and at temperatures up to +230Со and in aggressive environments (oil, gas, salt, water). One kilometer of this cable having strand with cross-section of 16 square mm – weighs about 2 tons. The idea of Siberian cable makers was to replace the bulky lead lining with more lightweight and durable – made of polymers.

In 2014, a pilot batch new-type cable was field tested having worked over 600 days without any complaints. Currently, this new-type production is planned to be sent to the oil fields in Western Siberia. "If the cable will last successfully at least 180 days, it will be sent into serial production", - says technologist of the Chief Technologist Department of JSC "Sibkabel", Denis Patlin. The Director of the Cable Industry Research Institute from Tomsk, Alexey Nor reported that by the end of 2016 it is planned to obtain a patent for a new cable: "Federal service for intellectual property of Russian Federation is already considering our application on the merits."

Reference information. The advantages of cable with insulation made of heat resistant polymer composite in comparison with cable in lead shells:

  1. Weight of 1 km of cable with 16 mm2 cross-section strand is 940 kg compare to 2,022 kg;
  2. Overall dimensions - is more compact, with smaller cross-section area: 11.7x26.3 mm (307 mm2) compare to 14.4x37.0 mm (532.8 mm2).