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A thousand of French goats arrived to the Ural


Ekaterinburg, Sadovyi Village (Sverdlovsk region)

PK_02153.JPGOne of the French leaders in export of agricultural animals «KBS-genetic» delivered from Europe 1,000 Alpine goats to a new farm of “UMMC-Agro”. A flock worth 1 mln Euro covered a distance of about 5 thousand kilometers in three deck trailers travelling through France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Belorussia and Russia.

- Fortunately the animals survived the transportation well. Only nine goats had their limbs injured. Currently they are treated. All expenses will be covered by insurance policy provided by the supplier under the contract for the period of delivery and quarantine, - told Ilya Bondarev, General Director of “UMMC-Agro”.

During 10-day journey with three stops each for one day the goats were taken care of by competent drivers. The animals were always in the deck-trailers equipped with ventilation, feeders, heated water reservoirs and had enough space for goats to move.    

Before the travel all goats were examined, vaccinated and provided preventive treatment in France. The goats were received medications for respiratory diseases and a number of antistress vitamins to sustain them during the trip.

“Mademoiselles” have found their new home at a modern farm of “UMMC-Agro” in Sadovyi settlement, Sverdlovsk region. Cattle-breeding complex, which was mothballed nine years ago, has been reconstructed to accommodate the animals. "Comfortable Hostel" is equipped with feed belt conveyor, automatic drinkers with heated water, to which the young goats get used to since they were born. New heating system protects seven-month "emigrants", who had seen the snow for the first time, from harsh cold of Urals.


Specially for foreign gourmandizers, agroindustrial holding prepared 1,500 tons of forage (hay, silage) that was grown locally, in the fields belonging. Special fodder, developed according to the recipes of the French breeders will be a supplement to the basic diet.

28 purebred male goats were delivered together with a female herd. "UMMC-Agro" intends to receive the first offspring and milk in April. In May 2017, there is a plan to achieve production capacity of 5 to 10 tons of goat cheese at Verkhnyaya Pyshma dairy plant.