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Environmental activity of JSC “Uralelektromed” has been highly appraised

Environmental activity of JSC “Uralelektromed” has been highly appraised

JSC “Uralelektromed” (an enterprise of UMMC metallurgical division) has won the XVIII industrial contest “Mining & metallurgical enterprise of high social performance”, nomination “Environmental activity and resource saving”, based on the results of year 2020.

Environmental protection is one of the primary fields of concern for JSC “Uralelektromed”. All three working sites are equipped with environmental and resource-saving technologies and up-to-date pollution control facilities. This allowed the company to achieve maximum permissible emission quota back in 2007.

For instance, in the anode-casting department (main production site in the city of Verkhnaya Pyshma) gas treatment facilities were installed, ensuring high efficiency exhaust gas cleaning of 99.5 %. In 2014-2016, the electric filters of chemical-metallurgical department were modernized, enabling treatment efficiency of 99.7 %. Advanced environment technologies can be illustrated by a new tankhouse, commissioned in 2012. Facility enables consolidated collection and purification of exhaust gases, air ventilation and waste-heat recovery, cells covering to decrease aerosols discharge to the atmosphere. 

To protect the water area, the enterprise suggests cleaning industrial effluent of main departments, recirculating systems’ blowdown water and storm water. Industrial effluents undergo full cycle treatment – from cleaning in agitators, settler flocculators and mechanical filters to ultraviolet disinfection. Cleaned water is used in the facility’s technical water supply. As a result, volume of wastewater industrial effluents is increased, and discharge of uncleaned industrial waters to water bodies is prevented.

Company has also projected and implemented cleaning processes for the Klychi lake. Main target of the project is to ecologically rehabilitate the lake and retain commercial fishing status to the water body. Lake bottom cleaning square is 135 thousand meters. As a result of cleaning the coast line from aquatic vegetation, water-surface area of the lake has been increased to 85 thousand meters. More than 100 million rubles were invested in the project.

In the “Polymetal production” branch (Kirovgrad) industrial effluents collection and cleaning system has been constructed since 2017. In the ”Non-ferrous alloys production“ branch (Verkh-Nevinsky) water purifying facilities are constructed. Implementation of this project has allowed to liquidate one of the two drainage outlets and normalize storm and drain water amount at permissible levels. 

JSC “Uralelektormed” suggests an integrated waste control system that enables keeping strict record of waste production, storage and transfer to recycling. Apart from that, since 2019 the company enables separate collection of paper, carton, plastic, etc. for further utilization. Aim of these actions is to reduce production wastes and to transfer and storage them on the polygons.

Current expenses on environmental objects maintenance throughout the JSC “Uralelektromed” areas was 1.3 billion rubles in 2020.

Ecological management system implemented in the company also contributes to effective environmental actions. Annually, JSC “Uralelektromed” confirms its ecological management compliance with international ISO 14001 standard (which is verified by external audits results).