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Evgeny Kuivashev and Andrey Kozitsyn opened a unique for the Urals production of bricks

Evgeny Kuivashev and Andrey Kozitsyn opened a unique for the Urals production of bricks

Revda (Sverdlovk region)

JSC “Revda brick factory” (UMMC construction sector) open a shop for production of large hollow porous blocks (ceramic stone). The opening ceremony was attended by the Governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuivashev and the General Director of UMMC Andrey Kozitsyn. About 1.5 bln. rubles were invested in this project.

“It is not just about creating a modern, cost-efficient production, but also about additional highly equipped jobs, commissioning a new manufacturing facility will employ 64 people”, says Evgeny Kuivashev.

Capacity of the new plant will amount to 60 mln. of equivalent bricks per year (traditional ceramic stone unit size, 250х120х65 mm). The most massive blocks can replace 14 equivalent bricks. A key feature of the new product is tongue-and-groove design that does not require filling of brick mortar. Using large format ceramic blocks can increase the rate of laying by 2-2.5 times, reducing the consumption of the mortar 3-5 times, which greatly reduces the final cost of the property under construction. The General Director of UMMC Andrey Kozitsyn has invited all developers who are interested in new product to visit the company, “to see everything with their own eyes, to calculate and get convinced that the use of a new product of Revda brick factory is economically advantageous in almost all respects”. 

The area of the new production facility is approximately 15,000 m2. The core process equipment is manufactured by the Italian company “Bedeschi”, its representatives performed supervised installation and trained the employees of Revda brick factory. Production in the new shop will be almost fully automated. The whole plant, which is 7 sections and more than 200 units, will be controlled only by 10 people in one shift.