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Gaiskiy GOK is developing another underground conveyer complex

Gaiskiy GOK is developing another underground conveyer complex

Gai (Orenburg region)

Mine construction experts of Gaiskiy GOK (UMMC raw material complex) completed construction and installation works for another crushing and conveyor complex at underground mine.

Crushing and conveying complex is located on the horizon of 1,095 meters. The complex includes chutes with discharge chambers, vane feeder, jaw crusher "Nordberg" (Finland), conveyors and auxiliary equipment (extractors, hoists, iron separator, stepdown substations). In total, about 600 tons of steel structures and equipment has been installed, more than 500 meters of mine workings is passed and secured, and over 2,000 cubic meters of concrete was used.

Rock mass flows are expected to be directed by two different pipelines: one will feed ore to the ore-dosing complex, located on the horizon of 1,070 meters in the shaft of mine “Novaya”. The second conveyor is transporting ore to ore-dosing complex of mine "Skipovaya" located on the horizon of 1,012 meters. Further, rock mass is being transported to ground surface.

The project named "Opening and development of deep horizons (in the range of 830-1,310 metres) at underground mine of Gaiskiy GOK" included in the strategic program of development of mineral-raw material base of UMMC. In the future, the project implementation will allow increasing capacities of underground mine of ore up to 7 million tons per year. The company's investments in 2016 for the implementation of this project will be about 2.2 billion rubles.