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JSC “Uralelektromed” began installation of cranes in copper tank-house being under construction


Verknyaya Pyshma (Sverdlovk region)

kran.jpgJSC “Uralelektromed” (UMMC metallurgical sector) has passed over to the next phase of construction of the second stage of copper tank-house. The two Austrian KÜNZ cranes are currently being installed. They are intended for a batch loading and unloading of the electrodes in the electrolytic cell. They possess significantly better technical and operating features comparing to their competitors.

Now the company specialists started assembling and installation of the electric equipment, control systems and power supply of cranes. After the cranes are installed they will be used for installation of 448 polymer concrete electrolytic cells.

Construction of the second stage of copper tank-house started in 2014. The same as the first stage it will work under the permanent stainless steel cathode technology. After commissioning of the second stage the electrolysis capacity working under the permanent cathode technology will reach 320 ths. tons annually. The estimated investment in the project in 2016 will be 1.6 bln. rubles. The whole budget of the project will be approximately 4.6 bln. rubles. The first stage of copper tank-house was commissioned in 2012, the budget exceeded 4.4 bln. rubles. Nowadays the copper tank-house has already exceeded its design capacity and produces more than 150 ths. tons of copper.