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Scrap metal processing by JSC “Uralelektromed” rose by 4.5 %

Scrap metal processing by JSC “Uralelektromed” rose by 4.5 %

In H1 2020, JSC “Uralelektromed” (an enterprise of UMMC metallurgical division) processed 39.2 kt of copper-bearing raw materials, which is 4.5% higher YoY.

As reported by Yuriy Krotov, Head of Raw Materials Reception and Processing Plant, concerted efforts of work team and careful production scheduling brought about these results.

“Our press operators are of high calibers. Each of them can process up to 1,900kg of raw materials”, he said.

The Plant is equipped with 5 presses, 6 overhead cranes and 5 beam cranes that are instrumental in processing the incoming ferrous scrap in an effective way.

With an increase in products’ output, the Plant had the potential for making savings, for example, on wood volume used. Wooden crates and pallets are employed for packing copper-bearing raw materials into bundles to be conveyed to the furnaces. There was an initiative to replace wooden pallets and crates for bulk material with anode scrap from the Tankhouse and iron containers, correspondingly. A group of in-plant engineers and accountants implemented and launched an initiative to use a reusable metal packaging.