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SHAAZ produced an giant-size radiator for its 75th Anniversary


Shadrinsk (Kurgan region)

IMG_0063.jpgOn the day of its 75th anniversary, SHAAZ (enterprise of UMMC mechanical engineering complex) the biggest radiator that ever been produced at the plant went off the production line.

- The record holder with dimensions 1.84 x 2.34 meters and weighing 303 kilograms was custom-made by the order of American company Generac Power Systems with which Shadrinsky automobile unit plant has been cooperating for several years. Unit consisting of water radiator and heat exchanger for cooling the charge air, is supposed to be used on a generator installation with capacity of 600-750 kilowatts, equipped with a gas engine with volume of 33.9 liters, said Chief Designer of the JSC “ShAAZ”, Vyacheslav Usoltsev.

As specialists put it, excessive size of equipment designed is due to high coolant flow passing through radiator. Up to 400 liter of coolant per minute circulates through a truck’s cooling system. A conventional generator features 600-800 lpm. The new generator is to take 1,011 liter maintaining heat balance in an engine’s cooling system at parameters required and removing heat into the atmosphere. It takes the new SHAAZ’s heat exchanger 7 hours to take and effectively cool water volume similar to that of 25m-long 4-lane swimming pool.

Up to date, the cooling unit is delivered to the USA and being tested in General Power Systems. Decision on further output of this equipment will depend on the tests’ results. Currently, JSC “SHAAZ” serially delivers 17 types of radiators, units and charged air coolers to the USA for generators of different engine types. Plant’s articles manufactured on Generac’s conveyor replace step by step Chinese and American products. In 2016, JSC “SHAAZ” will deliver its products amounting to 2 mln dollars to the American company.