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Total area of steel works galvanized by JSC “Uralelektromed” for 15 years, has reached 30 mln square meters

Total area of steel works galvanized by JSC “Uralelektromed” for 15 years, has reached 30 mln square meters

Hot-dip galvanizing production line at the Steelwork Plant has been operating for 15 years. During these years the company has acquired a good reputation in hot-dip galvanizing market as a reliable partner that can handle orders of any complexity with due care. For this 15-year period, 516,691 tons of steel structures have been hot-dip galvanized, the total number of galvanized steel works exceeded 29 mln pieces. The surface area of galvanized steel has been close to 30 million sq. meters.

According to Andrey Myslyaev, Head of Marketing Department, the company is not standing still in this market segment; in the last five years stock of orders has expanded beyond the Urals.

“Our customers value and respect us for high quality of provided services and due customer support. We will continue to explore the domestic hot-dip galvanizing market as we have necessary capabilities and experience for that, including technological equipment, qualified personnel and availability of high-purity zinc as a raw material", he said.

Internationally renowned advanced equipment is installed in the Hot-Dip Galvanizing Production: "Westech" (USA), "KÖrner" (Austria), "W.Pilling" (Germany). The galvanizing bath are designed for steel structures with overall dimensions of up to 12.5 m х 1.4 m х 3.2 m, weight of up to 3 tons, zinc coat thickness of 40 – 200 μm. There is also a galvanizing line for small parts, which is an automatically- operated closed circuit line. The hanged parts undergo consecutive processing stages: mechanical cleaning in a shot blasting chamber (derusting of metal surfaces), followed by washing, fluxing, drying, galvanizing, cooling and take-off. The dimensions of this galvanizing bath are 7x1.2m x 2.3m.

Hot-dip galvanizing team has accumulated a wealth of experience for 15 years of operation and turned to a team of professionals.

The main types of steel structures supplied by customers for hot-dip galvanizing are transmission line supports, road safety barriers, erection trusses and urban infrastructure steelworks. We have also galvanized the steel structures of football stadiums built in Yekaterinburg and Krasnodar for 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Hot-dip galvanizing production line was launched in November 22, 2005 and was one of the first in Russia to be certified by Lloyd's Register (a British classification society). This means that the quality of galvanized products meets international standards.