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UMMC military museum updated its attendance record

UMMC military museum updated its attendance record

Verkhnyaya Pyshma (Sverdlovsk oblast)

In 2016,  record 202,000 people have attended UMMC military museum, that is 30,000 people more than in 2015. Just for reference, in 2010 the Museum hosted 53,000 people, while in 2011-68,000, in 2012-92,000, in 2013-140,000 and in 2014-150,000 visitors.  

“Over two thousand excursions were arranged in addition to regular thematic exhibitions, trainings, conferences, roundtable discussions and quests for children,-said Alexander Emelyanov, Director of UMMC Military Museum. “In several years the museum will enlarge, its contents will be improved, that makes it a cultural, educational and leisure centre for many visitors.”

In 2016, the museum took up 1,423 items for safe custody, including 36 armoured vehicles, 15 military automobiles, 5 aircrafts, 10 artillery weapons, 6 navy fleet machines. Besides, 21 manikins in military epoch-making clothing were placed. The most significant exhibit items are submarine “Malyutka”, fighter “Aerokobra”, divebomber Pe-2,  heavy tank T-35, motor sled NKL-26 and RF-8 , armoured vehicles supplied by lend-lease during the World War II.