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UMMC puts into operation New Oxygen Plant at Mednogorsky Copper-Sulphur Plant

UMMC puts into operation New Oxygen Plant at Mednogorsky Copper-Sulphur Plant

Mednogorsk (Orenburg region)

Today at the Mednogorsk Copper-Sulfur Plant (metallurgical division of UMMC) was the day of commissioning of the first phase of a new oxygen plant with 5,366 m3/hour capacity, which allows performance improvement for the melting furnaces and units of the enterprise. The Governor of the Orenburg region, Yury Berg, and General Director of UMMC, Andrey Kozitsyn, have attended the opening ceremony of a new industrial facility.

According to the Governor, the implementation by UMMC of such a large-scale investment projects are uniquely able to enhance the production capacity of Mednogorsky Copper-Sulphur plant and improve the socio-economic level of the municipality.

The existing process oxygen production facility was built in 1986 and almost exceeded its lifetime guaranteed by the manufacturer. This fact was the basis for the decision to build a new oxygen plant.

- First of all, it is a guarantee of process safety and further uninterrupted metallurgical production, - said Andrey Kozytsin, General Director of UMMC.

Completion of the first phase of the new oxygen plant will determine the next stages of modernization of metallurgical complex of Mednogorsky Copper-Sulphur Plant. Experts of the company will test-run and implement the autogenous smelting technology with the use of process oxygen on smelting unit "Pobeda", basing on the results of which in 2017 there will be a decision to make on volume and timing of construction of the second phase of the oxygen plant.

In the future, UMMC plans to complete technical re-equipment of all chemical and metallurgical complex of the plant that will significantly reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere and improve the environmental situation in the city.

Construction of the new oxygen plant was conducted since July 2015. The general contractor for construction and installation work was CJSC "Managing Company of Construction Holding", Ekaterinburg. Equipment Manufacturer – “Sumitomo Seika Chemicals CO, LDT”, Japan. The cost of the project amounted to about 770 million rubles.