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«Uralelektromed» implemented energy efficient equipment for production of copper sulfate

«Uralelektromed» implemented energy efficient equipment for production of copper sulfate

Verkhnyaya Pyshma (Sverdlovskaya oblast)

A domestically produced plate heat exchanger is put into operation in Copper Sulfate Plant, JSC “Uralelektromed” (UMMC Group). Its implementation resulted in 20% reduction of circulating water consumption, applied in copper sulfate production. Project cost amounted to 3, 5 mln.rub.

“Use of highly efficient equipment in production chain allows us to cut down on energy costs associated with manufacturing. Thus, we increase economic efficiency”, stated Alexey Korolev, Chief Engineer of JSC “Uralelektromed”.

Copper sulfate is produced from spent copper electrolytic solutions by moisture evaporation and crystal precipitation. This process runs in vacuum crystallizer, requiring a certain level of rarefied to be kept (the higher it is, the more copper sulfate precipitates as crystals), which is ensured by the new plate heat exchanger.

New equipment has a number of advantages over shell-and-tube heat exchangers previously used were for such purposes. Heat from steam to water is transferred through corrugated plates countercurrent to each other, which significantly intensifies heat transfer. Total water consumption is lower about by 100 m3/h. Moreover, plate heat exchanger has smaller dimensions, which saves a space and simplifies assembling.

Simultaneously, the plant put into operation the automated equipment control system, monitoring main process parameters. Additionally, during copper sulfate production circulating water (not externally) is used, which meets environmental and resource-saving requirements.