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Tin-containing alloy

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Application and Specification
Tin-containing alloy is produced according to TU 24.43.1-223-00194429-2018 in the form of ingots weighing not more than 2,500 kg. The shape and dimensions of the ingots are set by agreement with the consumer.

It is used as an alloying additive for production of different lead-based alloys, it is also used for production of metallic tin.

Chemical composition


Mass fraction of tin, %


> 65.0


> 45.0 - ≤ 65.0


> 25.0 - ≤ 45.0


≤ 25.0

*mass fraction of lead, antimony, arsenic, silver, gold is determined, but not standardized

Transportation and package

Ingots are not subject to packaging. Each ingot can have transportation lugs.

Each ingot shall be marked with brand and batch number. Transport marking is in accordance with GOST 14192. Ingots intended for export are marked in accordance with the contract for supply.


Guaranteed storage period

Alloy is stored on specially equipped sites with asphalt or concrete pavement, in conditions that exclude contamination of the material.

The manufacturer guarantees the alloy compliance with the requirements of TU 24.43.1-223-00194429-2018 subject to the conditions of storage and transportation. The guaranteed storage life of the alloy is not limited.


Each batch is accompanied by a quality certificate of JSC Uralelektromed with the following information: name and trademark of JSC Uralelektromed; product name and brand; individual chemical composition of the batch, batch number; net weight (without lugs) and gross weight (with lugs); date of production; date of shipment, etc.

The presence of layering, oxides, tarnishing colors, white plaque and shrinkage cavities is not a rejection feature.