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Production of gratings


For enquires please contact:

Vladislav Tretyak, Manager of Marketing Department
Tel. +7(34368) 4-61-73
Website for details: https://nastil.elem.ru/

In 2019 Uralelektromed has put into operation a line for the production of welded gratings. The capacity of the line is 200 tons per month. The machine can produce gratings of different sizes - up to 9 meters in length and up to 1.2 meters in width. Dump trucks with load-carrying capacity of 450 tons can easily move over such a product. 


Welded gratings manufactured by JSC "Uralelektromed" are produced in accordance with the technical specifications TU 25.11.23-228-00194429-2019 "Welded steel gratings. Technical specifications". The gratings, at the request of the customer, can be covered with hot zinc galvanizing according to GOST 9.307 or a paint coating is applied according to GOST 9.032, or can be made of stainless steel. At customer’s request JSC Uralelektromed can produce staircases, hatches, shelters, partitions, which are a type of welded gratings, having a frame of a certain shape and size.

Line capacity

 1,200 – 2,400 t/year

Grating width

 500 – 1,200 mm

 Cross-section of load bearing bars

min. 19x3 mm

 Length of load bearing bars

1,000 – 9,000 mm

 Spacing of load bearing bar

26, 30, 35, 40, 41 mm

 Cross bar pitch

 38/76, 50/100 mm

 Cross section of cross bars


 Cross bar diameters

 3 - 8 mm

Application areas

Floor coverings for the construction of industrial floors, overpasses, walkways, crossings, tunnels and other steel building structures for any purpose;

Elements of industrial and service platforms in:
- power industry,
- mining industry,
- chemical industry,
- mechanical engineering,
- shipbuilding industry,
- agriculture,
- oil and gas industry,
- metallurgical industry,
- automotive industry.

• Stationary racks for various purposes (warehouses, logo-centers);
• Various types of internal, fire and spiral staircases;
• Elements of entrance lobbies to buildings with high traffic;
• Covering of drainage channels, drainage systems;
• Ceiling panels and facades of buildings and structures (industrial and civil construction).